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Georgia Department of Transportation 2015 Disparity Study

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Georgia Department of Transportation 2015 Disparity Study

“The firm of Griffin & Strong, P.C. (“GSPC”) has been contracted by the Georgia Department of Transportation (“GDOT”) to conduct a comprehensive disparity study. The purpose of this disparity study is to examine the extent of participation of minorities and women in the race and gender conscious programs of GDOT’s DBE Program. The study evaluated the contracting environment in the marketplace to ensure that GDOT is not a passive or active participant in past or present discrimination. It is GDOT’s mandate to ensure that public contracting opportunities are equally available to minority and women-owned firms, but also render a diverse and equitable business environment that will benefit all vendors. Feel free to review the findings of the GDOT disparity study here


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06:00 PM
Columbus, GA
Columbus State University
Elizabeth Bradley Turner Center
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NOTICE: The anecdotal evidence portion of the study has been completed. GSPC is no longer taking email comments. Thank you for your participation.

GSPC will be contacting a random group of firms in Georgia to participate in interviews, telephone surveys, and focus groups. We will also be scheduling a public hearing for the fall of 2015. However, even if you are not asked to participate in any of that outreach, GSPC still wants to hear about your experiences in bidding or doing business with GDOT, or why you have chosen not to do business with GDOT. Please tell us your story at We are accepting submissions until September 28, 2015.